1. If the item mismatches the description, we will refund/replace based on stock. If the items are damaged in transit, we will refund the amount or replace if the items are in stock. Based on the pictures sent by customer we will take a call on this. Decision of our team in this regard is final.
  2. If customer does not like the color, shape and size or any choice after receiving the order, they have to send the items back to our warehouse. We will refund/replace based on stock.
  3. If customer cancels the order /rejects it during delivery (Paid order) after the item is shipped then we will deduct the shipping amount and refund the remaining amount.
  4. If the pin code does not have COD option then customer has to pay online first and then we will dispatch the item.
  5. If the contact information is incomplete / customer does not pick our support team call and confirm the order, we will keep the order on hold.
  6. We are not responsible for any delays by courier companies during unavoidable situation. However our support team always helps to solve the issue.
  7. We are not responsible if you over pay the courier person without observing the COD amount on the bill.
  8. Courier Company makes 3 attempts to deliver items. if the
    customer fail to receive the items will return back to us. We deduct the shipping charge and refund remaining amount in this case of paid orders.
  9. In any case if customer does not attend the items (out of town), we will deduct the shipping charge and refund the remaining amount for paid orders.