Proper care for the best harvest with Khaad Organic Fertilizer


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Enrich the soil with more nutrients and bio fertilizer for better yields. Trust organic fertilizer from Khaad. At a time when sustainability is the key conversation, we’re working towards a more robust organic agricultural ecosystem that promotes less soil and water pollution, as well as lower greenhouse gas emission and higher energy efficiency.

Our Khaad Spent Mushroom Substrate has inbuilt rich properties. It has a high natural composition of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, which enables soil with better structure, help microbes thrive and make nutrients for plants. It has several other benefits, which is why it is loved by many farmers and agricultural engineers.

Benefits for You

Improved harvest

Better soil texture and aeration

Slow release of nutrients


Long-term benefits to soil



Organic Garden Soil

@ ₹399/- for 4 Kgs packet

Product Description:

Owing to its unique and rich properties, Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) is a preferred fertilizing agent, recommended and utilized by farmers, agricultural engineers, and agronomists.

SMS from Khaad, carefully converted into organic fertilizer, helps with soil amelioration and soil nutrition. Being naturally rich in nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, it also ensures an improved quality yield as compared to mineral fertilizers. agronomists.


Nitrogen – 1.16 %

Phosphorous – 62.31 mg/kg

Potassium – 1544.75 mg/kg

Organic Carbon – 5.19%

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How Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) Can Help?

• Provides better yield

• Fights disease surviving & multiplying in soil

• Ensures soil retain water

• Improves soil structure

• Supports bioremediation

Where to use?

It can be used as a growing medium for flowers, vegetables, fruits, saplings, ornamental shrubs and other horticultural plants. Being rich in NPK, it acts as a good medium for vegetables like cucumber, tomato, broccoli, tulip, cauliflower, pepper, and spinach. It is used for soil amendment as it adds organic matter and structure to the soil.

Who can use it?

For farmers who prefer organic fertilizer, Spent Mushroom Substrate from Khaad is an ideal alternative that promises better results.

How to use?

Put 500 gms of Organic Garden Soil, which is our organic fertilizer, in 5 kg soil or add to planting compost. Make sure to mix it well for best yields.

Why Khaad?

We are on a mission to change farming practices with an objective towards greater sustainability. It’s our collective responsibility to protect the environment and preserve all its resources. To that, it’s equally our responsibility to deliver consumers healthy food that has zero chemical imprints. Our sheer commitment towards this mission has what positioned Khaad as a go-to organic fertilizer for many. Here are some of the factors that separate us from others:

• We offer superior quality organic fertilizer

• We understand the farming segment inside-out, which helps us address farmers’ needs better

• In addition to quality, we care about affordability just as much

• Our Spent Mushroom Substrate packs rich properties, ensuing numerous benefits for the soil and plants

• We offer personalized help to customers in the application of our products